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Why is Russia Invading Ukraine

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine? Need to know?

It all started 73 years ago in 1949, after World War II

Europe was tired from the war, broke & in shambles.

They needed money to rebuild their Industry & buy food.

So they went to the US for help.

The US offered to help, and in return – Europe & the US had to Cooperate in certain areas.

The Russians rejected that help & the US didn’t like it. This is one of the origins of their quarrels and enmity.

…by now, the US had seen how a war in Europe could affect them in their own country (I mean, they had just finished the second world war)…

…and the USSR was getting stronger with the vibes of a rogue nation…America was worried…Western Europe was worried.

Nobody wanted another Germany.

…America knew that to protect themselves from getting bullied by the USSR, Western Europe (Russia’s neighbors) would get into an agreement with Russia.

So they went to Europe, and offered more help – in return they had to sign a treaty. We help protect you against the USSR, and if any of us gets attacked – EVERYONE comes together to fight.

This was how NATO was formed.

Which means, NATO was originally formed as a gang up against RUSSIA.

More countries were pulled into NATO.

They became larger.

The power of the USSR was diluted.

Now… this is background.

Enter the Russia & Ukraine crisis.

They both share a border to the East, like Ghana and Nigeria. Close neighbors (since Ukraine broke out from USSR)

Now, here is the issue:

If Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will become even more weakened…because if Ukraine is part of NATO…usually, NATO sets up Military bases in their member country for military drills.

The issue is – if this NATO base is near Russia, it is too close. This drill places is just a cover up for what it actually is – a place from where an attack can be launched in case of a war with Russia.

Which means in a case of an invasion, NATO will just stroll into Russia from Ukraine. Easy peasy.

Not just this, they can fire missiles easily from these bases as easy as using a catapult to fire stones into the house of your next door neighbors’ house.

To Russia, Ukraine is a loophole…and it’d be a gang up if they join NATO, because now can do anyhow & if you fight one NATO state, they will all come for you.

Russia does not like that NATO is coming too close to their borders & has asked NATO to stop coming EASTward.

….but you may ask…Ukraine is a sovereign country, why can’t they do what they want? one – there was an agreement, before USSR disbanded; that Ukraine will NEVER join NATO.

Two, think of it this way:

Imagine that you live in a calm neighborhood.

One day some rough looking men move into the next apartment.

They have eyes on your daughters.

They look like one day they will make passes on your daughter.

And not just this, they have CRAZY parties with other rough looking people.

You feel threatened.

It is their Flat, but you won’t want them there.

…and if you have the means, you will chase them out and take over the flat.

The rough guys are NATO, the flat is Ukraine & Russia is determined to move in FIRST.

Because if the rough guys (NATO) brings Ukraine into their gang – now Russia can do NOTHING because Article 5. If one is attacked, all must come to their aid. So make a BIG MOVE so Ukraine does not join NATO.

So why does Ukraine want to join NATO – one is America’s influence (na them dey push them because it benefits them), two is – Russia took a portion of Ukraine’s territory; it makes sense that naturally they’d want to gang up.

My guess is that Putin wants to do one of two things:

  1. Either take over the ENTIRE Ukraine.
  2. Or support the rebels & break Ukraine up (By the way – if a nation has territorial dispute they cannot be allowed into NATO – supporting the Rebels means Ukraine has Territorial dispute)

Based on this, what do you think is the solution for this Crisis. I think it is Obvio

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