VALENTINE’S DAY-a two way Street

A friend and I were talking about spouses, dating and gift giving when the conversation turned to february 14.

“why is it that women always seem to think that Valentine’s day is only about them?” he asked.

“what do you mean?” I responded. Of course I knew.

“Valentines day is about celebrating love, but women seem to think it’s about men buying them jewelries, flowers and candy. It’s a two-way street, but women don’t see it that way.”

I protested and he conceeded he really meant “most” women, not “all” women. but this caring, sensitive man was adamant in his view that men get short-changed when it comes to cupid’s big day.

His viewpoint stayed on my mind throughout the holiday season, and I have to admit that he might be right. Women I know seem concerned with what their man is doing for them; few appear to give much though to what they do for the women in their lives.

“I lethim take me out” one friend said of the last Valentine’s day, gesturing with an arm adorned with the diamond bracelet her husband gave her that evening.

Another woman confessed that she gave her sweetheart “a real nice card.” After I quizzed her further, she admitted he had sent red roses to her office*women love getting flowers at the office; it’s like a badge of honour).

All this made me think about my male friend’s view that women are self-centered when it comes to Valentine’s day, in addition to birthdays and anniversaries.

If you are one of those sisters who think that Valentine’s day was created for women to get more presents, reconsider that notion. Like love, Valentine’s day is a two-way street, not a one-way alley and it’s a perfect time to show the man in your life that you love and appreciate him just as he loves and appreciates you.

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