This Sham called Barcelona Fc

If beautiful football were all it takes to win trophies, then Arsenal should be the most crowned team in England but it is not. If an array of superstars could lift champions league then Manchester city Should be in the minimum a semi final team in the champions league, but it is not!

In the light of the upcoming Chesea Vs Barcelona’s Champions league seemi-final clash, I feel like making my screaming my hearts out on the varying dubious acts of Referees and Barcelona Fc .

Barcelona will Win!

Not necessarily because they are a better team, but because, they will be helped by Referees who have turned themselves into gods who cannot be queried!

From the Sending off of Van Persie in 2011 for an offence Lionel Messi committed in the same match without even a caution, to the red carding of  Real Madrid’s Pepe Carta Rojo, on the 27 of April, the two Dubious Penalties against Ac Milan and most recently the robbing of Levante with dubious calls, it seems the Spanish Fa and UEFA has just decided to take fans for fools!

Must Barca always progress to the final? Must they win against all odds? Are the referees some sort of god that can never be wrong? I have continously mused over these questions for a while and could not seem to find a tangible and relevant answer!

If Fifa’s slogan of fair play is to be held as true then I believe firmly that it will be good to critic and analyse the involvements of these referees in turning around a match for Barcelona fc.

If any team should be investigated for match fixing, then it will be Barcelona Fc!

4 thoughts on “This Sham called Barcelona Fc”

  1. It is really disheartening to see how the beautiful game is being dragged into the muck of politics A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ commercialism as a follower of football it is depressing indeed, well. However one thing I know is the thing called “FC Barcelona will not last for ever A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ the stronger they are the harder they fall. Nice of you though, to raise an awareness


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