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Ten Questions Still Baffling Scientists

Science has done a terrific job of answering some of the world’s most difficult questions, but certain mysteries still elude researchers. How does gravity work? Can your pet fish really predict an earthquake? Why do we yawn so much? Here’s what we don’t know and how close we are to figuring it out. 1. Why Do We Yawn? Theories about why we yawn are as common as grumpy toddlers at nap time, but two explanations seem plausible after experimental tests. One is that yawns help cool the brain and optimize its performance. Psychologists at the State University of New York...

The Nigeria Story! In the course of our great history, we have seen the height of greatness, and the depth of cruelty. We have seen the birth of new civilizations and the death of ancient empires. Our testimony is this; We were beaten, but never broken. Subdued but never conquered. Today, we are many, yet we are one people one nation united by a common struggle. We are Nigerians!