A while back I was invited to speak at the annual sales kick off meeting of a Major Financial institution in the country. The morning of my talk I was in early enough to share breakfast with about 450 sales people, while they went on to listen to the CEO Talk about “The Journey so far” address. After that it was my turn.

As I sat quietly sipping one more cup of coffee, and gathering my thoughts, a young man came into the waiting room I was and walked straight to me and said “you’re late for the meeting”.

“No Sir”, I replied. I am the next speaker, so in a way I’m early. What about you?”

“Oh, I’ll like to be, but I’m waiting for my driver. Had to dash off to close a deal.”

My eyebrows went up. “Congratulations. Must be an Important deal.”

“It is” he said. “It’s worth about half a billion Naira(about $4 Million). But before you get the wrong Idea I am not selling anything. I’m buying. I am the Country Vice Manager in charge of investments, and I have to go sign some papers to bring this deal to a closure.”

I was scrambling for my business card, in case he had any money left over, when he asked me, “What is the subject of your talk?”

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