The Art of Branding

There are two Major schools of thought regarding Branding: The first holds that it’s an incomprehensible voodoo that marketers practice. I Belong to the second, which Contends that it’s a simple matter of the classic Ps of Marketing: Product, place, price and promotion.

To this List some people added another P: Prayer. They are not far off- but instead of Prayer, I prefer proselytization, which is the process of converting others to your belief, doctrine or cause. Proselytization or Evangelism, represents the core of branding for start-ups in Today’s Highly competitive world, in which information is free, ubiquitous and instantaneous.

The art of Branding requires creating something contagious that infects people with enthusiasm, making it easy for them to try it, asking them to try it, asking for their help in spreading the word, and building a community around it.

  • CREATE A CONTAGION: Herein lies the secret to building a successful brand; Align with a product or service that is gold-or enhance it until it is Gold. Then Successful Branding is easy if not unavoidable. If you have a product that is Gold, you can make a lot of mistakes with it and still succeed. If you do not, you’ll have to do almost everything right.

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