“WHEN LOVE STANDS”! ~ Truly Faithful ~ OEV

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This is one of those Random post which might not be in consonance with the business theme of this blog but which I saw and felt might heal a home, For me a good home is what makes a successful man. I pray it touches you the way it touched me;

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In 2009 when my husband and I were separated and contemplating divorce, I was filled with so much hostility that it was literally impossible for me to reconcile with him. And if you think I was hostile, he was even more hostile towards me as he really thought it was over. At this point, our parents knew and it didn’t matter that I was three months pregnant with our son either. Our minds were made up and to us that was the last word, BUT LOVE WAS PREPARING TO STAND!

One day while praying, I knew I had to pray for my husband even though I honestly did not want to. The Lord had been dealing with me about praying for him even though I believed we were through. So as I begin to pray FOR him, something started happening inside of me. Walls started to crumble. Walls that had been built on anger, hostility, hurt and more. Walls I’d built to protect myself from being hurt ever again because I felt that he hurt me just as he felt that I had hurt him. I started crying hard while praying for him. I prayed that the Lord would touch my husband’s heart and mind and for the Lord to protect him. Then suddenly I begin to ask God to restore my marriage. It was the first real prayer I had prayed for my husband and my marriage in months. MONTHS do you hear me? The very reason why our marriage was in the shape that it was in, was because no one was praying.

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