How to Drive sales through Copywriting

I usually lean my posts towards tips or linguistic issues I find interesting. This time, however, I’d like to address an issue that comes up now and again in businesses promotions across the globe: Do we need a copywriter?
Here are six reasons you do.
First, let me tell you what a copywriter does. It has nothing to do with registering stuff with the patent office or rights of fair use. That’s copyright.
A copywriter creates text, called “copy,” for ads, web sites, direct mail, sales brochures, executive speeches and so on. Often companies will have an in-house copywriter or they’ll work with copywriters at an ad agency to draft all official communications. Almost every piece of advertising or sales material you read was written by a professional copywriter.
OK, so a copywriter writes the copy for ads and sales brochures … why can’t I do that?
Before you or your company dive in to writing your own promotions, think about these reasons you probably should hire a professional:

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