RECRUITING RIGHT: 3 irrelevancies every recruiter must avoid

This is a very crucial message from the depth of my heart at this time to recruiters in most organisation.
During one of the sessions I underwent at the Pan-African University a fellow trainee at the time asked me the question “How do you sincerely know genuine applicants and how in the world will you be able to get the best out of them?”
I did some introspetion about it and came up with 3 things I consider irrelevancies that have slowed down the efficiencies of most Organisations especially SME’s in todays Job market;
There are certain things I have observed from recruiting for some of my clients and I always harp on them in all my speaking engagements and training sessions. They constitute what I tag the 3 Irrelevancies that you should ignore in professional hire especially for start ups. Many people have made a lot of mistakes from following them.

They are assumptions that will make you hire the wrong persons:

1.) Experience in A Big, Successful Organisation: A big Organisation Pedigree is not necessarily a reliable predictor of success especially in a start up. It might be good for fund raising however the question to ask is “In what way(s) did the candidate help to create the success?”

2.) Educational Background: You want smart people. Not necessarily “Mastered” or “Degreed” people. So as you are looking at the certification keep a tab on the hands on/on the field experience they have garnered!
That is more important.

3.) Experience in the same Industry: Industry experience could be a double-edged sword but when you have an employee whose experience says there is only only one way computer interfacees have looked then you know you’ve bought a problem.
Most importantly, belief in what you are trying to do is as important as competence and experience. It is often easier to teach an infected candidate how to do a Job than to teach an agnostic(or atheist) how to believe.
Lastly I will like to ask a very important question from you as a recruiter; In what way is the passion and natural talents of this candidate relevant to your business and how can you harness them?
You will succed!

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