Of Messy and Sepp Blatter: Awards of Sentiments!

The whole world was thrown into a Frenzy when Fifa President Sepp Blatter made one of his quintessential reckless remarks by describing Messi as a “good boy”. A statement which if perfectly scrutinized has been the undoing of CR7 in Bagging the prestigious award as World best since he last won the prestigious award in Manchester United in the 07/08 season.

It could very well then be concluded, that Messi’s winning the award has been majorly influenced by the Sentiments of Blatter than the merits of the player himself. Messi is a good player (at least in a generation bereft of exceptional talents), One can say he has his time. But Ronaldo is a COMPLETE player! The type you can be sure will not go to sleep and let all hopes down in a high profile match like messi did in Bayern Vs Barcelona(Champions league semifinals 2013); Ronaldo has a huge psychological hedge too in that putting him under the spotlight with criticisms is what drives him to succeed more(As if to shut his critics up), unlike Messi who shrinks in matches after a criticism.

Just like The sham called Barcelona that always rely of Referees Bias in tough matches a lot of the times Messi Relies on the “fatherly” sentiments of Blatter to win awards. Just as he has learnt a skill in evading taxes. I am just imagining what would have happened If that tax evading allegation were against CR7?

Winning the Ballon D’or does not make a Messi with no leg-over skills, lower Long shot Accuracy, and of course no other football culture experience than Spain’s better than Ronaldo. It just confirms what I have always known. He is only favored by “Daddy Blatter”.


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