Oboabona was right to Snub Arsene Wenger.-Business Lessons

indexThis is perhaps the happiest times I will be writing anything about Nigeria’s football. Before I continue about this main topic, let me state categorically, that I have reached another Level of respect for Nigeria’s Men football team Gaffer Stephen Keshi. Why? Well, If you care to Know I have critiqued him on this blog twice from two analytical articles that received maximum hits Keshi’s Many tactical flaws; Where I analyzed the flaws in his initial game plan at the group stage of CAF confed cup(Which Nigeria Won) and Keshi will fail at Confed cup If.. Where I stated what I thought of Ideye, the Major striker he took to the Confederations cup. I am impressed to see the rapid changes he made after, especially the recall of Dike a major face I suggested in My Last article. I dove my hat for a listening Leader at all times.

Ok, now to my main Concern for the day. I was very excited to hear about Oboabona’s Snub for Arsene Wenger. For my International audience who might not have heard about this Rock of Gilbraltar in the heart of Nigeria’s defence. Godfrey Itama Oboabona is a 22 year old Nigerian international footballer who plays for Sunshine Stars(in the Nigerian League), as a defender. He made his international debut for Nigeria in 2012, and has appeared in FIFA World Cup qualifying matches he has won the African Cup of Nations (A competition in Which World class Didier Drogba Had to Shake him after the Match between Ivory Coast and Nigeria for not giving him breathing space) he followed that sterling performance at the confederation’s cup, Totally Overpowering Fernando Torres in the feud against Spain; A player ranked by Fifa as Number 32 in the world After the confederations cup. Now imagine such a player been approached by Arsene Wenger to come for Trials? What Insolence? It is not only an Insult to Oboabona, but an insult to Africa as a whole. Arsene Wenger was simply saying Caf is an Inferior Competition, and that FIFA’s Confederations cup is a Hoax.

I am not very happy at Ex Nigerian International, Victor Ikpeba and I dare to say that for a Player formerly Known as the Prince of Monaco(During his Days) who Literally Benched Thierry Henry when both were at Monaco fc; one will expect him to outdo a person like Henry in his Later years, but now I see what could have put a lid on Ikpeba, Okocha and other Nigerian Ex-Internationals Joining the league of the Pele’s of this world. It is called selling yourself short. What he(Victor Ikpeba) does not know is that Arsene Wenger recognizes the fact that Oboabona is a huge Talent, One that I make bold to say is shoulder to shoulders with any central defender in Arsenal Fc but Arsene Wenger is looking for a way to get him cheap and pay him stipends. He wants Oboabona to “sell himself short”. An offer which I was Happy was Boldly rejected by Oboabona!

Selling yourself Short, Often stem from a low value of self worth; or a desperation to climb the rungs of success faster. It makesyou give your services for lesser than it’s worth in a bid to outdo competition. It could at times be advantageous but more often than not, It is what has killed many young businesses as well as professionals.

The problem with low prices
When you price yourself considerably lower than your competitors, your services are viewed as being “cheap,” regardless of their true value. This leads to three significant problems:

  1. Customers often equate a discounted service with low quality.
  2. You’re unable to invest money in your business (i.e., administrative staff, equipment, new services) that would provide new services and more value to your customers.
  3. You may miss out on highly profitable clients.

How can low prices drive clients away? If you need surgery, would you look for the cheapest surgeon? Probably not. But, to get the best level of service, you pay the high-end of the range. In a professional service business, you’re sought after because of your knowledge or talent in a certain area. Your prices should, and must, reflect that talent at the outset of every relationship with each client.

The reason Nigeria and Indeed African young footballers has been seen as lower than south American Youngsters, While a Barcelona will buy a Neymar for 57 million Pounds and a Chelsea will buy a 20 year old Oscar for 25 Million Pounds is based purely on perception, and that is what sells you in any business, it is not your reality that people buy, it is the perception of your worth and no one in this world determines your worth but you!

When our youngsters are always eager to rush out of the continent for trials, rather than rippen enough to be sold so the Clubs can make money and upgrade their training facilities; When we who are supposed to know better advice younger ones to put the I am desperate for a breakthrough(a word most used in Nigeria than elsewhere) tag on their foreheads”; When we keep encouraging our youngstars to sell themselves short for stipends: Then Our footballing Nations in Africa will continue to lack patronage of Foreign clubs placing a buy out worth Neymars Price or even Oscars Price. Another Star

From my desk as I look outside the pane of this semi-detached house at the happy birds that chirp away on my guava tree, I wait for a change in that perception It starts from “Öboabona” whom I am christening “The rock”.

P.S: I will gladly offer my services in Pr for free to Oboabona should he require some rep for this Boldness.

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