NIGERIAN IDOLS- Judging the Judges

indexIf Safeeyat had been evicted, I would have stopped watching Nigerian Idols. Yes you heard me.

Who cares you may dare say, but I dare to say the Judges with the exception of Femi Kuti have turned the show to a sham.

I mean, what are they Judging?

image.aspxMore than 2/3rd of Nigerians that I have had a street chat with are pissed with Yinka and her unnecessary theatrics. What is special about Moses, except the bland unemotional voice that turns shrill in My ears! *Gawd* For the records I believe the only reason he is still in the competition is because his parent seemed the most well-to-do of the five left. Making it easy for them to buy more than enough short-code destined recharges for as many phones as possible!

Safeeyat is a songstress in the Mold of Omawumi(Except she is from a humble background, -as I discovered from her home visit Last week- so her parents hardly are with enough money to buy recharges for short-codes unlike Moses’ Parents). Deep voice with a perfect stage attitude. Jay feel is a performer, whose string of entertaining dances and acrobatics keep us looking forward to more! Yet these two get constant Jabs from Yinka who’s only love seems to be for Abasiakan and his Cliched Church boy voice. (A friend teased on the street that Yinka is routing for him because of a possibility of a relationship, he being the closest in age to her. oops…looolz). Debby rise is creative but the only thingĀ  that seem to constantly let her down is her characterization(Oftentimes she looks fake with her displays.)

The annoying part is Yinka is a sanguine so she easily influences other Judges thinking, Camera at times catching her pinching one or two of the Judges to not floor her candidate. Silly!

If I were a Music producer there are only two candidates I will put my money on ;

524_jayfeelJay feel who I consider the Next D’banj(Of course he sounds better with his inflections than D’banj) and Safeeyat The very next Omawunmi.

With 10 years consulting experience in Business projection and analysis, I can’t miss that!

Whoever brought a misfit like Jesse Jags on that show wants to kill the show…and Gawd what did he sing?@#$^$ He himself should have been Judged!

I don’t know them but Yinka Davies should stop being partial, for Chrisakes She’s a Judge!


5 thoughts on “NIGERIAN IDOLS- Judging the Judges”

  1. Yes i agree, Yinka acts as though she is on cheap coke. I dig Safeeyat Sha and with or without the show she has a super star status!

  2. @524 jayfeel, I think wat our Nigerian music industry needs now is musicians who av deir own unique voices n talents n not replicas of some old ‘entertainers’ like d banj who obviously don’t know wat to sing,if 2 face had been a replica of someone d music industry wldnt av gone dat far. J feel’s got a nice voice,no doubt ,a very nice voice, but I fink he listened more to d younger international artistes like neyo,chris brown,usher,trey songs,mario,omarion,dese artistes hav a great influence on his singin, guess he also prefers local artistes like wizkid,davido n d banj, Nigerian idols is all about how well u can sing and not entertain, he shd wait till he’s outta d competition before he starts usin his ‘drippin swaggu’ to get fans,in dis competition its all about ur voice! I love safeeyat’s deep alto voice n I believe weda she wins or not,she’s gonna be a great addition to d music industry,like omawunmi was, wen she clinched d third position in d first edition of nigerian idols.

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