Move your Brand out of Obscurity in 3 months!

There are thousands, if not millions of websites that are beautifully designed and filled with products but they seldom get people to visit them. Eventually, the owners get disillusioned by such and either sells them or eventually get

Yes your website is beautiful, yes it catches the eye at first glance, Yes, it gives me all I need to know about you and your company!

However, like everyone and most company’s I have consulted with it is at best that!


People do not care how beautiful or great your website looks they want to know what they want to gain by frequenting it!
They know you want to “get their money” but somehow like every one of us they ask the question is it worth the investment?

From a customers perspective I will tell you NO!

At the present and I know that hurts but it is the truth!

The good news is you have a great product which has a value that could be enhanced.

Question is why should I visit your website first, then what will prompt me to buy?

That is why I always encourage you drive your brand with a pro; all hope is not lost!
Since you have a website we will take it from there and make you a popular brand and in 3 months beyond the product or service you are selling, doors of consulting offers and trainings are sure to follow as we will so package your brand by putting “the bait” that brings people in their droves!

We have 2 pocket friendly plans that you could take advantage of, each runs for a month

PaD Mini: For as low as NGN35,000 monthly or NGN7,500 per week, we will generate tips on a weekly basis and place it on your site to bring in people who will then be refered to your catalogue and subsequently buy from you.

PaD Maxi: For as low as NGN65,000 Monthly or NGN13,000 weekly we make you the king and every where Nigerians turn to the meet with you thus driving thousands of relevant patronage to your site, who eventually after going through your catalogue picks a thing or two to buy/order from your website.

Ask yourself how many times you have clicked on those google ads you see? At best The ads generate awareness it does not make people buy! and what you need is for people to buy isn’t it?

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