Making a memorable Business presentation/Pitch

Making a memorable presentation/pitch goes beyond the fact that you have a big Idea that “no one has done before”. In fact your investors are more likely to think that if no one has done it before, then it is not worth trying out.

So be ready to answer that question.

However, today I want to place emphasis on sharpening your presentation skills.


Because that may be the major thing that might make or mar your closing a deal after days of battling with making your value proposition look good. Now the list in itself is not to put you in a stereotyped box but I bet you will node and probably say; hmmn I have always gotten that wrong.

So before you open your mouth to say a word, try to:
Arrange your thoughts: Knowing what and how you are starting is one key to getting the attention of your audience. If the person who made a presentation before you was boring, you have an advantage. However if he/she received an exciting ovation you must work hard to keep the tempo otherwise people will walk out on you. I like to start with a well crafted and captivating analogy.

• The ability to convey emotions with your voice is what separates the good speakers from great speakers. The pauses, the anecdotes and most especially the depth of conviction which is displayed in your overall body language are all some of the important elements that should go into your presentation.
If you think you are not up to it, you can get someone to do it for you, because ideally the life of your business success may depend on it. There are things I have noticed and highlighted as important things, which I feel you should place first while presenting you business Idea to capitalists/investors…

Open dress sense: As simple as it looks I have discovered that most of my speaking which people see as impactful and helpful were those during or before which I loosen my Jacket button. It conveys a psychological message of openness to assessments.
Share an anecdote (especially a personal one):  How many times have we listened to sermons or motivational lectures where the preacher keeps telling us about stories we are familiar with. People want to know how they can apply it to real life situations. The question they ask is, Has it happened to you before?
Never write an epistle with your slides: The focal point of the presentation is you! So do everything to steal the day. Use slides to lead not Read. The purpose of a slide presentation is to bullet your key point, not for you to be reading from the slides. If you write all you should say on the slide then it is as good as you not being there at all. The focus will be on the slides alone and your expressions will be lost.
Should I hand out my presentation at the start of the meeting?
NO! People can read faster than you can talk and as it is in films, the beauty lies in the suspense. At the end/towards the end of the meeting, you well can hand it out. It serves as a reminder of all you have talked about and how you talked about them.
Never forget to give your reader a KISS: I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt that said “succinct is the beauty of any speech, be it a sermon or a Presidential speech”(Paraphrased). No matter what you do I do not see any reason why your slides should go beyond 20 pages!
Having an Idea is one thing, knowing the intricacies of the law of buy-in is another?

You will succeed.

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