Is your Customer Taking too long to Buy?

Do You Feel Like Your Customer Is Taking Too Long To Buy?

Hey – I’ve been there. We all have potential customers or customers who we think are ON THE EDGE of buying from us and yet…THEY DON’T.

They ‘ve expressed interest, they’re excited about your product/service, they’ve even told you they want to buy.

So Why Is Your Customer Being So Pokey??

Well – here are a few reasons:

1) There’s No Sense of Urgency.
They don’t NEED to buy you now. They know you’re out there and they’ll buy from you if they remember. There’s nothing that is motivating them to move faster or to choose YOU over someone else.

2) They’re Not Sold.
They’ve thought about it, came close to buying…but something is holding them back. They’re not convinced that you’re the best choice for their money or time.

3) They’re Not Ready To Buy.
Hate to tell you this – but 99% of your target audience doesn’t need you or think that they need you TODAY. Yet – you’ve probably dropped out of sight because you feel rejected that they didn’t buy. (did I hit a nerve there???)

4) They’re Annoyed With You.
This happens so easily! If you keep calling and leaving messages “You absolutely have to be using this product” or e-mailing and saying “I’m just checking to see…” Boring. You’re not bringing any added value to the table and you’ve ticked them off.

What Should You Be Doing Instead -Oh Impatient One?

Position yourself EARLY ON as someone who is offering them a special rate/offer/opportunity. Show them WHY they should buy now instead of 2 years from now.

Don’t Be Desperate.
Truly – desperation stinks. Confidence attracts people whereas a pushy salesperson is a turn-off.

Make Sure You’re Talking To The Right People.
Are you selling something that there isn’t a large enough customer base for?

Create A Proper Follow-up Strategy.
Let the customer advise you of the contact they want – instead of the other way around.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket.
Small customer base= Big problems. Make sure you ‘re growing your customers through a variety of methods and then keeping in touch with them consistently (with value of course!)

Remember – there are MANY different types of buyers out there. AND – we usually have different purchasing behavior based on HOW BADLY we want something! I’ve jumped on decisions to make large purchases in 30 seconds and waited forever for others. (I’m sure you’ve been there too!)

To your success!




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