Growing our Catering Outfit; Entrepreneurial Lessons

pA couple of years ago my Fiance (Now my wife) was rambling through her pack of business cards from various clients because she needed a contact, when she stumbled upon an event planners Business card which described the owner as a “certified Events Planner”, suddenly her face lit up and she said to me


“Yes” I said barely lifting up my head from Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” that I was reading.

“I think I have gotten the clue. I need to be an intern under this woman who is a ‘certified event planner’ ” so my dream of starting my own events company could fly”.

At that point I promptly dropped the book to stare at her as If I had not heard what she said well.

Now my wife is an incredibly intelligent woman with eyes for colors and a knack for cooking fantastic cuisines, and just came back from a certificate course from the Andreas Business school of Barry University in Miami Florida Just about 18 months before. So I asked her;

“Are you serious?”

“Yes”, she answered a little less confidently, anticipating what my opinion is.

I smiled, walked over to her and put my arms round her shoulder then I asked a simple question.

“Yes darling. She is a certified events planner, but you are an Internationally certified entrepreneur?”

At that point, her face lit up and she gave me the biggest bear hug ever.

From then onwards, Hans and Belles is growing in leaps and Bounds as the Caterers to call for corporate, and outdoor cooking in the Lekki Area of Lagos Nigeria.

What are the lessons;

  1. You are More than you think you are: Stop looking at what you do not have, look at what you have. It is not money you need, it is the tools. Don’t ask how much do I need? Ask How can I get the tools I need!
  2. Talk about you: You are who you say you are. Stop thinking low of yourself. My wife believed the woman without even seeing her certificate. It is called perception. Creating a strong perception is good, but hey don’t ruin your credibility by lying.
  3. ACT! ACT!! ACT!!!: The reason you are still waiting is because you are focusing on what you do not have. Focus on what you have and hey start moving, you will be surprised the way everyother thing will fall in place.

Call my bluff hire Hans & Belles Caterers ([email protected]) and see If you will not get the International feel! *Wink*


2 thoughts on “Growing our Catering Outfit; Entrepreneurial Lessons”

  1. Dear Seun
    Good that you reminded her of whom she is and now she is selling that perception in her business. This article also served as my reminder too. Keep up the good work.

    Greetings to her (Congrats once again on your marriage)

    Warm regards.

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