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Disrupting Sales With Differentiation with Lee Salz

Stop saying that you’re the best when making a sales pitch. Stop saying that you’re selling the best product, the best merchandise, or the best service because every salesperson in the world says that. Most sales conversation just lead down to price because the salesperson did not communicate meaningful differentiation. You need differentiation in sales, differentiation around what you sell, and differentiation around how you sell. Lee Salz, author of the book Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want, shares how you can disrupt sales by creating unstoppable differentiation. Learn the importance of researching...

How to get up to 1 million naira loan without Collateral in Nigeria in few minutes

One of the challenges of scaling for small business owners in Nigeria is finance. Getting funding especially with the ravages of Covid-19 in 2020 and learning to manage your finances well, will go a long way in determining how far your business will go. So I have listed below smart loan apps and companies that can give you up to 1 million Naira without collateral in Nigeria today. Please note that this is not a paid blog post but something to help business owners in Nigeria fill up the missing gap of finances 1. Renmoney  Renmoney is one of the loan companies...

Before you invest in Nigeria: Here are 3 top things you should know

Investing in Nigeria: What you should know! Covid 19 is a game-changer. A lot of things happened that might make the brightest minds question their very own judgement: we moved from traditional work plans, to a work from home arrangement, Let me tell you the truth it took me some time to start getting used to; however, amid the trouble global brands like Microsoft, Stripe, Facebook and many more are still investing hefty sums into the Nigeria startup Eco-space. You might be asking yourself the question, just what does John and Patrick Collison of stripe and Mark Zukerberg see in...

National Pension Commission Sets Date for RSA transfer system

The National Pension Commission in a press conference issued by its management has set the 16th of November to launch its Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Transfer System. All RSA account holders can, consequently, transfer their accounts from one Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) to another once in a year – commonly referred to as the Transfer Window. This directive is in line with Section 13 of the Pension Reform Act 2014. The National Pension Commission has also stated that the RSA transfer application is an electronic platform that will enable seamless RSA transfers and the process would facilitate improved service delivery in the pension...

What is Business analytics? and why does your business need it?

Business Analytics BA? Business analytics is a combination of some skillsets, technology solution and hands on practices, used to check organizational data and its performance so as to gain insights and make informed, data driven decisions based on consumer behavior.

In Short Business analytics help us understand which data set is useful, and which one can increase revenue, productivity and efficiency.


Leading Organizational growth in the new Reality

As companies adapt to thrive in the new reality, they must prioritize reassessing their growth opportunities, reconfiguring their business models to better realize those opportunities, & reallocating their capital more effectively. Understanding the full impact of the Covid19 Pandemic will take quite sometime. First, even in severe economic downturns and recessions, some companies are able to gain advantage. Among large firms doing business during the past four downturns, 14% increased both sales growth rate and EBIT margin. Second, crises produce not just a plethora of temporary changes (mainly short-term shifts in demand) but also some lasting ones. For example, the...

Amid Covid19 fears. Nigerian health workers are accused of “killing” Patients

A Nigerian Mr Franklyn Akinyosoye has taken to social media to announce the callous way in which Nigerian Hospitals in Abuja allowed his "Uncle" to Die in a post he titled To all those who will be sick eventually It will be recalled that these incidences has being recorded in many states across the nation as there are allegations of the government playing a game of Numbers as to dealing with the Covid issue head-on His post reads Uncle Emeka died by 2.30am on the 23rd of June 2020, barely three days after his 67th birthday. He died while seated...

Young Professionals Program (World Bank Group YPP)

The WBG YPP is a starting point for an exciting career at the World Bank Group. Young Professionals are recruited from around the world with various academic and professional backgrounds relevant to the World Bank, IFCandMIGA. We are looking for applicants who demonstrate a passion for international development, a graduate degree, relevant professional experience, and the potential to grow into impactful leadership roles across our institutions. NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: The World Bank Group is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments. The safety of our current and prospective staff is our highest priority. As of now, YPP recruitment processes will continue as usual and...