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Call for applications open for the inaugural AU Media Fellowship

AU Media Fellowship Be an AU Media Fellow Are you an African journalist, blogger, vlogger, content creator, or podcaster living and working in Africa or the diaspora? Are you passionate about promoting development-focused stories using emerging technologies, and through visual, written, oral and digital media? Apply for the inaugural African Union Media Fellowship. Background As information gatekeepers, the media plays a role in ensuring checks and balances between those in power and their citizens.. They are essential in shaping how we learn, experience and perceive the world around us through stories, images, words, and motion pictures to ensure a fuller...

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine? Need to know? It all started 73 years ago in 1949, after World War II Europe was tired from the war, broke & in shambles. They needed money to rebuild their Industry & buy food. So they went to the US for help. The US offered to help, and in return - Europe & the US had to Cooperate in certain areas. The Russians rejected that help & the US didn’t like it. This is one of the origins of their quarrels and enmity. …by now, the US had seen how a war in Europe...

Understanding Security Lending

What is there to understand about Security lending? Stock loans can refer to a number of different forms of borrowing money, usually against the value of one`s stock. Some popular kinds of stock loans are non-recourse loans, borrowing against an owned stock, and margin agreements. A non-recourse loan is one that is made, often with a third-party lender, in which stocks are given as collateral for a sum of money roughly equal to a certain Loan To Value (LTV) of the securities. Many pitfalls exist for both the borrower and lender in these kinds of stock loans. Both parties are...
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Business Executives can learn from Toriola’s Leadership Style

Business Executives have heard stories about taking the lead in Organizations from across the world. As a leadership and career mentor myself, it breaks my heart very often when the majority of the anecdotes we share during training sessions with clients in corporate Nigeria are from foreign business experiences. Foreign to our culture and personalities. Most Business Executives in Nigeria corporate world are seldom seen to be “taking the lead” accepting culpability and assuring their clients an error will not be repeated. That is the reason many Nigerians and I were shocked (Pleasantly) when Nigeria's MTN CEO Karl Toriola came...

Raise business/Project loans with no Upfront Payment.

Do you need business loans or project Loans with no upfront payment? With many real and unreal lenders online these days, getting a loan with no upfront payments is the only way to go. That way, the client knows for sure that they are safe from real and imagined loss of funds or deposits If you are not in the domicilled country of the loan origination, the said loan will have to come into your coffers as foreign direct investment. There are many reasons why business owners usually look for Project loans with no upfront payment from time to time....

Intuit to Acquire MailChimp

Combination Accelerates Intuit’s Vision to Provide an End-to-End Customer Growth Platform for Small and Mid-Market Businesses MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU), the global technology platform that makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Credit Karma, today announced that it has agreed to acquire Mailchimp, a world-class, global customer engagement and marketing platform for growing small and mid-market businesses. The planned acquisition of Mailchimp for approximately $12 billion in cash and stock advances Intuit’s mission of powering prosperity around the world, and its strategy to become an AI-driven expert platform. With the acquisition of Mailchimp, Intuit will accelerate two of its previously-shared strategic Big Bets: to...

Wave raises $200 million the Largest serie A fund ever in Africa

wave fintech Valuing the independent mobile money provider at $1.7 billion, the landmark Series A round was led by Sequoia Heritage, Founders Fund, Stripe and Ribbit. While similar in functionality to PayPal, the Wave App does not require that customers have a bank account and instead runs a network of 'agents' (small local businesses) who use their on-hand cash to service Wave users.On the announcement, CEO and founder Drew Durbin commented: “From day one, we’ve been relentlessly focused on building mobile money that's easy-to-use and radically affordable. We've built something people love in Senegal, but that's only the beginning --...

How to get a free international phone number

How to get a free international phone number for business. With e-Commerce growing rapidly across borders, many people clamor for access to local and international numbers for growth expansion. However, getting such numbers comes with a high monthly cost price or recurring annual prices. But before I delve into how to get a free international phone number for your business, I will like you to read 10 reasons why you need an international number I typically always recommend Sonetel; Mainly because Sonetel allows you to get a free international line if you use their chat widget on your website. you...

10 Benefits of having an international business line

Top 10 Benefits of International Phone Number International Phone Number offers a great number of advantages. Wondering what are the benefits of a virtual phone number? From reduced phone bills to making a local presence, the virtual phone numbers prove themselves useful for the 21st-century lives. Here are the Top 10 Benefits or Uses of Virtual International Phone Numbers Easy Availability & User-Friendly One can easily purchase virtual global phone numbers. There are many Service providers offering international phone numbers. And as these numbers are virtual in nature, it, therefore, offers the freedom to choose any international service providers as well. Thus,...