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Call for applications open for the inaugural AU Media Fellowship

AU Media Fellowship

Be an AU Media Fellow

Are you an African journalist, blogger, vlogger, content creator, or podcaster living and working in Africa or the diaspora? Are you passionate about promoting development-focused stories using emerging technologies, and through visual, written, oral and digital media? Apply for the inaugural African Union Media Fellowship.


As information gatekeepers, the media plays a role in ensuring checks and balances between those in power and their citizens.. They are essential in shaping how we learn, experience and perceive the world around us through stories, images, words, and motion pictures to ensure a fuller picture of our world.

Empowering the newsroom, empowers citizens.

As Africa moves into the 4th industrial revolution, with emerging technologies, African storytellers are now challenged to think of how to deploy new media technologies for citizen engagement to address the changing communications landscape. To ensure Africa remains in the race with the rest of the world, and benefit from digital transformation, the African Union (AU) Information and Communication Directorate has joined forces with the Citizens Engagement and Innovative Data Use for Africa’s Development programme implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)to create the AU Media Fellowship. The Fellowship brings together innovation and creativity to present under-reported stories that break-down stereotypes and create new narratives for the Africa We Want.

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