Business/Strategic Plan Development

Since 2010, we have developed strategic Road maps and business plans for aspiring enterpreneurs and Multinationals alike. Aligning their strategic goals to the Organisational vision and ensuring a clearly developed path to business profitability.

Our Approach

Through a team of astute professionals at Penexus Consulting, we highlight service requirements important to your customers and help you design and implement a set of offerings and programs to meet their needs. We will examine response and resolution commitments, delivery requirements, value added components and the economics associated with delivering the offerings, based on your market segment.

Our approach includes a number of steps including:

  • Developing customer segmentation strategies for the design of new service offerings
  • A focused group discussion for customers from each segment to validate their service requirements
  • Assess the capability of the organization to deliver the new service offerings
  • Identify gaps in delivery capabilities and make recommendations to close them
  • Design new service programs with marketing involvement
  • Create pricing models for the new programs and offerings
  • Help develop the service infrastructure to deliver new service programs
  • Assist in developing and delivering sales training
  • Assist in launching the new service programs
  • Monitor client acceptance and satisfaction
  • Review service revenue growth and costs

Support Strategy Development

Service Strategies can help you create a comprehensive strategic plan, KPIs and goals to lead your organization to the next level of performance. The plan will provide a three to five year roadmap to guide your organizational development and help eliminate the chaos that can result from poor planning.

We use our proven planning processes to collect input from executives, individual contributors, and other key stakeholders to ensure the plan is aligned with corporate objectives. The customer service strategic plan will allow you to prepare for and implement the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve your organizational goals and objectives.

Our strategic planning process will take into consideration a number of critical factors associated with the service business including:

  • Market conditions that impact growth and service demand
  • The state of the organization, performance gaps and areas for improvement
  • Service level targets necessary to meet customer satisfaction goals
  • Resource requirements to meet projected service demand
  • Staff training and development initiatives
  • A review of the Service offering portfolio
  • Service tools and systems to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • The financial plan for the organization
  • And moreā€¦
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