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Hire a Business Plan writer in 2021

Looking to hire a business plan writer or consultant is often the way to go for most professionals. The truth is if you are like most professionals I have met, you will also prefer to hire a consultant to write on your behalf simply because most Professionals hate writing. So how can you do something you hate very well? So if you are looking to hire a business plan writer or consultant in 2021, you have come to the right place. LET US DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS PLAN Since 2009 Penexus Consulting Business Plan consulting team has developed business plans for...
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Penexus Consulting Launches Free Business Plan Training

Business Plan Training by Penexus Consulting In order to help boost the success rate of more SMEs in this year's Tony Elumelu Foundation's Annual SME grant scheme; Penexus Consulting is having an open day for questions and answers on Business plan development and pitching. The program is for entrepreneurs interested in boosting their chances of being part of the winners in this year's Business Plan Competition of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. It will be noted that earlier this year and due to the highly competitive nature of the Business plan Competition and grant, The Tony Elumelu Foundation announced that this...

Successful Delegation

Enlisting the power of other people's help Do you feel stressed and overloaded? Or that your career seems stalled? If so, then you may need to brush up your delegation skills! If you work on your own, there's only a limited amount that you can do, however hard you work. You can only work so many hours in a day. There are only so many tasks you can complete in these hours. There are only so many people you can help by doing these tasks. And, because the number of people you can help is limited, your success is limited....

How to develop fundamental leadership skills

What distinguishes effective leaders from mediocre ones? Is it their ability to make good decisions, their charismatic persuasiveness, or the clarity of their vision? And do the best leaders have these qualities naturally, or were they acquired at college? The good news is that you can learn to be a leader, just as long as you take time to learn fundamental leadership skills. However, your effectiveness depends on how you apply these skills. So, what do you have to learn if you want to be a better leader? And do you need to go business school to learn these things, or can...

Making Good Decisions Under Pressure

People tend to make decisions reactively when confronted with emergency situations or when a disaster unfolds. In these circumstances, the best decisions tend to be those that have been thought-through and rehearsed ahead of time, a good example being the use of a pre-prepared evacuation plan if the office catches on fire. The normal decision-making process generally involves: Defining the problem.Collecting necessary information.Developing options.Devising a plan.Executing.Following-up. However reactive decision-making is, well, reactive. Because of this, there's not usually time to execute this full decision-making process, meaning that it's all-too-easy to make a bad decision when under pressure. What this means...

Disrupting Sales With Differentiation with Lee Salz

Stop saying that you’re the best when making a sales pitch. Stop saying that you’re selling the best product, the best merchandise, or the best service because every salesperson in the world says that. Most sales conversation just lead down to price because the salesperson did not communicate meaningful differentiation. You need differentiation in sales, differentiation around what you sell, and differentiation around how you sell. Lee Salz, author of the book Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want, shares how you can disrupt sales by creating unstoppable differentiation. Learn the importance of researching...
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How to Transfer your Retirement savings plan to Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers

Your retirement plan is your future, do not whisk it away, Retirement Planning as an exercise the world over is fraught with many challenges. With insecurities over a lot of payment plans, and the volatile economic situation in Nigeria you need a partner you can trust. Your retirement from work should not mean retirement from your aspirations. Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers will walk with you on your journey to RetireWell and provide you with innovative wealth advisory tips along the way. The National Pension Commission RSA transfer window is on. As such if you will like to change your Pension...

How to get up to 1 million naira loan without Collateral in Nigeria in few minutes

One of the challenges of scaling for small business owners in Nigeria is finance. Getting funding especially with the ravages of Covid-19 in 2020 and learning to manage your finances well, will go a long way in determining how far your business will go. So I have listed below smart loan apps and companies that can give you up to 1 million Naira without collateral in Nigeria today. Please note that this is not a paid blog post but something to help business owners in Nigeria fill up the missing gap of finances 1. Renmoney  Renmoney is one of the loan companies...