ANATOMY OF DRIBBLES- Day CR7 declared I am the real King

imagesOn my twitter page tonight I wrote, “Messi is Invisible, Ronaldo is Invinsible”.

Tonight the real King showed class, making a statement that even if you don’t like my face, I am still the best!

UEFA was wrong!

I was sincerely stunned Messi had to win the last Ballon D’or. When he only won individual laurel as the highest goal scorer(almost half of which were penalties, deserving or otherwise.)

I keep wondering what is spectacular, at running at defenders who have fall victim of the hype and due to the resulting respect they have for him are so conscious of not making a mistake that they eventually make one. When the real king could score from 4 or 40 yards as I stated in my article Who is Better, Ronaldo or Messi?

Tonight, Both were the Cynosure of eyes, Both were under pressure to deliver, Both stars were tightly marked; but one screamed with a unique performance “I am the Superstar”. Ronaldo!

Maybe Messi only keeps winning (like one of my friends said) because Michel Platini(UEFA President) is a Barca fan. Maybe If he learns some skills(like leg-overs), snake bites or real time overĀ  your head dribble skills instead of aimless runs banking on space that might never be available, he might add a little finesse to his skill, Maybe he should prove me wrong and Join another team in another league. Maybe Barcelona should try and win when the referee is Sensibly and not favoring their well learnt dives.

As for me, like always I dove my chapeau for the King who has succeeded in every footballing culture he found himself!



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