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Training pitfalls: why so much leadership development doesn’t work

Frequently when it comes to leadership and management development, the skills that are described as ‘hard’ are the ones that are the easiest to teach. So many leadership development programmes focus on these ‘hard’ skills, in their content – for example, the models and theories that offer explanations and insights into how people and organisations work. This content may also include how to develop visions, missions, strategic plans and KPIs, as well as how to write project plans, how to set measurable targets and SMART goals, and how to structure organisations. This important knowledge, developed over decades by academics and practitioners, stops...

Tough times call for Transformation in Leadership management

Leaders need first to adapt organisational culture to new needs and then embody this new culture, writes Roger Delves How does leadership development need to change in the light of the turbulent and fast-changing economic, political and social environment organisations find themselves having to operate in? This was the questions global management network EFMD explored in a research project involving a special interest group of 12 member companies, including Bayer, L’Oreal, Nokia, Engie, Swiss Re and Siemens. The group came up with a set of eight beliefs, based on their shared experiences of challenges they were facing in the new world...