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Explained: How the FIFA world rankings are calculated

OF recent Soccer loving fans of Nigeria were thrown into a frenzy when Instead of moving up in Ranking the Nation dropped from 33rd to 36th in the world. FIFA's world rankings are intended to be an at a glance measure of a national teams standing in the world game. Listing all 208 member associations in order of strength, the monthly updates often create as much controversy as clarity. "How can nation X have climbed places without playing?", "Why didn't nation Y move up a place or two after winning?" and "Are we really on the same level as ?"...

Ann Coulter’s Rants, The real Issues

Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that consider the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently As defined by Wiki Ann Coulter is a Racist Silhouetting under the guise of an activist and commentator. Assumption is the Lowest Level of intelligence says a wise man and By making such a statement that falls under fallacy...

Of Messy and Sepp Blatter: Awards of Sentiments!

The whole world was thrown into a Frenzy when Fifa President Sepp Blatter made one of his quintessential reckless remarks by describing Messi as a "good boy". A statement which if perfectly scrutinized has been the undoing of CR7 in Bagging the prestigious award as World best since he last won the prestigious award in Manchester United in the 07/08 season. It could very well then be concluded, that Messi's winning the award has been majorly influenced by the Sentiments of Blatter than the merits of the player himself. Messi is a good player (at least in a generation bereft...