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3 Things Start ups should avoid when talking to investors

People who advise entrepreneurs over a decent chunk of time tend to have the kind of world-weary perspective you'd expect from someone who has seen so many startups succeed or fail. They know what can scupper investment opportunities and turn off potential investors. Wayne Barz manages entrepreneurial programs at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, an economic development program to foster new companies and job growth. It runs an incubator for life science and technology companies called TechVentures. In a blog entry for its website this week, he called attention to three things startups should avoid when talking to...

Oboabona was right to Snub Arsene Wenger.-Business Lessons

This is perhaps the happiest times I will be writing anything about Nigeria's football. Before I continue about this main topic, let me state categorically, that I have reached another Level of respect for Nigeria's Men football team Gaffer Stephen Keshi. Why? Well, If you care to Know I have critiqued him on this blog twice from two analytical articles that received maximum hits Keshi's Many tactical flaws; Where I analyzed the flaws in his initial game plan at the group stage of CAF confed cup(Which Nigeria Won) and Keshi will fail at Confed cup If.. Where I stated what...