Growing Business and Talent Leverage

employeesWhen you study ways to improve the quality of business performance, you can find many suggestions and gimmicks that will promise to improve various aspects of a company. You might be told to increase the traffic flow, or the conversion rate, or the number of new leads. Each of these factors is important to achieving the ultimate benefits of business growth, but may not be a final answer if the process is simply mechanical. If you leverage your talent in business it can help to improve the revenues; even during these grim economic(subsidy removal) times.

Here are some suggestions to make use of the talent that is available to you in the employees of the company.

  • You get the most out of your business staff when you invest resources in professional memberships and in educational opportunities. These activities should be those that provide genuine value for the Naira. When you bring in outside people, ask how actual learning will be measured and expect a report once the learning activity is concluded. If the learning that takes place with attendees need action, make certain that they get the support that is needed to implement the actions in the business. If you encourage professional memberships for key members of the business, the follow-up from conferences and seminars should be to share ideas with other members of the staff.
  • When you ask employees how to make the business grow, you may be surprised at the answers. Even the fact that you ask them is a boost to morale. Often employees are in a better position to make suggestions for improvement and enhancement of the business than management. Instead of hiring expensive consulting firms to review procedures and methods, listen to the people in the company. One of the benefits that you will gain is assuring key members of your employee roster that they are being listened to. Lack of appreciation and recognition is a problem that often arises in a company. This will not occur in companies where employees are encouraged to share ideas and make suggestions, and those suggestions are implemented.
  • One of the areas that you can encourage input from employees is by asking for ways to solve problems. Often, some very good suggestions will come from the people that are closest to the issue. For example, if your costs are out of control, ask the staff to identify areas where costs could be reduced and waste eliminated. They may come up with an idea or two that could make a significant difference in solving of the problem. It is important to implement as many of the ideas as possible. If you can do this quickly, the benefits are even greater. You shouldn’t stay focused on the negatives though; solve the problems then return to the positive side of doing operating the company.

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If Marriage is sweet and working…

images (1)Sorry I could not resist the urge to paste this wonderful post by one of my facebook followers, it is a breathe of fresh air:


I expect ladies to kick, and that’s natural because traditionally, women are more relational and relationship focussed than men but I want to appeal for a little patience so we can all see just what this unconventional thought might state.

First of all let me concede right from the start that most women WANT, DESIRE and if possible DEMAND that their marriages not only work but that it should be sweet, a paradise that their entire life is woven around.

We could say a woman, deep down in her heart, seem to expect her whole life climax in marriage. Marriage is a huge huge ultimate destination in most women’s mind.

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Obama Announces the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & Uganda

On the 29th of June in front of an audience of more than 600 dynamic young leaders from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, President Obama announced the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, the new flagship program of the President’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).  Beginning in 2014, the program will bring more than … Read more