From Etisalat to MTN- Backstab, New Saka advert for MTN

In light of the Phone line portability recently introduced in Nigerian Telecoms, by the Nigerian Communications commission (NCC) Etisalats Ambassador, Hafeez Ayetoro, ace comedian and Nollywood actor, who has become the face of Etisalat for some years now, has switched network.
Insider telecoms story gathered that the latest move by MTN to obtain the services of Hafeez may be an attempt to hit back at Etisat. Who were said to be the brains behind the Sim Card Portability
Furthermore, insider sources gathered that Etisalat would have retained his services If they have a say on decision making in that regards; but since it (etisalat) sign an MOU with Huawei to help roll out its network and manage it for 20 years it is indeed a decision to be taken by Huawei(who have been reputed for driving bargains in the telecoms).
The lesson for aspiring Entrepreneurs is not just to jump when you are offered a proposition by an investor but to consider the term & Conditions Very well.
So who wins?
Hafeez Ayetoro.

Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Every Morning

imagesBy Bruce D. Johnson

When you start work in the morning, what’s your routine? Do you turn your computer on and start checking email? Do you review yesterday’s list of undone tasks? Do you go through your inbox? Do you check your voice mails? Do you walk the halls, grab a cup of coffee and talk with whomever is already at the office? Do you read the Wall Street Journal? What do you do? What’s your routine?

Chances are, it’s the same thing (or a very similar routine based on the day). Moreover, you probably don’t think about it a whole lot. It’s an autopilot option. It’s a habit. And unless something intentional is done to change it, you’ll probably keep doing the same thing week after week.

But the key question is, “Does it serve you well?” And the more important question is, “Is it the best way to start your day?” In other words, if you were to do something different, would it change the outcome of your business in a significant and positive way? Of course, the only way to know the answer to that is to try something different.

So, let me encourage you to try a different kind of routine to start your work day this week. Before you check your emails. Before you read the Wall Street Journal. Before you review yesterday’s undone tasks. Before you check your voice mails, etc. I want to encourage you to try starting your day by asking four simple and yet profound questions.

1. What are my top three projects for this month/quarter?

Now, this assumes that you’ve done your planning and know what they are. However, if you haven’t done your planning, then your first task is to get clarity on what they are.

Leadership is an advancing function, not a maintaining function. A leader is always engaged in changing something, not in maintaining what is. Which means that a leader should always have a series of projects on their “to do” list-a series of projects to advance the business/organization. In fact, I would argue that a “leader” without several big projects on their list each month isn’t really leading at all.

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