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ANATOMY OF DRIBBLES- Day CR7 declared I am the real King

On my twitter page tonight I wrote, "Messi is Invisible, Ronaldo is Invinsible". Tonight the real King showed class, making a statement that even if you don't like my face, I am still the best! UEFA was wrong! I was sincerely stunned Messi had to win the last Ballon D'or. When he only won individual laurel as the highest goal scorer(almost half of which were penalties, deserving or otherwise.) I keep wondering what is spectacular, at running at defenders who have fall victim of the hype and due to the resulting respect they have for him are so conscious of...
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Kim Kardashian and Nigeria’s Visit- The Business end of things

Seriously, I dove my hat like I have always done to Dare Art Alade for pulling this off! Kim was in Nigeria for a 45sec introduction of the show  Darey’s ‘Love Like a Movie’ concert. The laughable matter was in Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim Lashing out at Dare for making such a bold move to bring Kim Kardashian for just a 45 secs intro; she claims she is 100 times hotter and sexier than Kim Kardashian and I laugh! I laughed till I rolled on the ground about the comment. The right question to ask her is can she pull...
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Funny Sales Story

I'm heading to a sales training session about 5 years ago.  It's a major client in Victoria Island and I've been working with them for two years.  They know me as a high energy, enthusiastic and entertaining sales trainer.  In other words I stand up, I move around, I'm engaged, I role play, we learn a lot and people make more sales. I'm running late this one particular day so I grab a chocolate chip bran muffin (These are the best bran muffins made in the world and they are made by my wife Gloria) and a bottle of Schweppes ...

What makes a good plan?

What factors are involved in creating a good business plan? Is it the length of the plan? The information it covers? How well it’s written, or the brilliance of its strategy. No. The following illustration shows a business plan as part of a process. You can think about the good or bad of a plan as the plan itself, measuring its value by its contents. There are some qualities in a plan that make it more likely to create results, and these are important. However, it is even better to see the plan as part of the whole process of...
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Focal Point – Essential Management Lesson

By Brian Tracy Once upon a time, there was a major technical problem at a nuclear power plant. This malfunction was slowing energy generation and reducing the efficiency of the entire operation. As much as they tried, the plant's engineers could not identify and solve the problem. So they brought in one of the nation's top consultants on nuclear power plant construction and engineering to see whether he could determine what was wrong. The consultant arrived, put on a white coat, took his clipboard, and went to work. For the next two days, he walked around, studying the hundreds of...
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“WHEN LOVE STANDS”! ~ Truly Faithful ~ OEV

This is one of those Random post which might not be in consonance with the business theme of this blog but which I saw and felt might heal a home, For me a good home is what makes a successful man. I pray it touches you the way it touched me; -follow @Seunajibade on twitter Enjoy this read. In 2009 when my husband and I were separated and contemplating divorce, I was filled with so much hostility that it was literally impossible for me to reconcile with him. And if you think I was hostile, he was even more hostile...

How NGOs can raise Funds in a Strategic Manner

If you planning to develop a project or thinking of applying for a funding opportunity for the promotion of democracy and good governance, then here is a guide on how to write a grant proposal for a project aiming for the promotion of democracy and good governance. The guide gives a basic understanding of how a project proposal should be developed and presented to a donor agency. Although donors have different proposal formats, yet the various components of a standard proposal are always same and this guide covers most of it. This guideline will also assist organizations in developing proper...