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Keshi’s many Tactical flaws.

This is not a football blog, but once in a while we make point blank analysis of brands in every sphere of human endeavor. I bet you wanted a good read from the title, that was probably the reason you came here. So lets Shoot. Without wasting much time, let me state that I am not the type of person that allows emotions and sentiments to rule my reasoning so for me talking about the achievements of a person in a large organization as a way of them qualifying for a new post, as I stated in my hit post...

6 Steps to Become a Sales Superstar By Brian Tracy

This is it: 2013 is your year to set and achieve sales goals higher than you ever imagined. If you haven't taken a look at the key mindset shifts I describe in this article, you've been selling yourself short. Make the decision NOW to supercharge your sales results, starting this year. This is a wonderful time to be alive and working in the profession of selling. Regardless of the ups and downs of the economy or temporary changes in your industry, there have never been more opportunities for you to achieve more of your goals-and enjoy a higher standard of...