6 reasons why you need our copywriting service

I usually lean my posts towards writing tips or linguistic issues I find interesting. This time, however, I’d like to address an issue that comes up now and again in businesses promotions across the globe: Do you need awww.linesfromafrica.com professional copywriter? Here are six reasons you do. First, let me tell you what a copywriter does. … Read more

You Own a Website, SO WHAT!

If you were one of those who thought owning a website automatically guarantees that people will come to it, after designing or owning one, you are likely to be deluded by the idea by now? If you pay yearly subscriptions for a website that does not bring you as much revenue as your foot soldiers … Read more

Sharpening your Team’s Presentation Skills to Make a Major Sale by Bill Rosenthal

Sharpening your Team’s Presentation Skills to Make a Major Sale by Bill Rosenthal.

Bill Rosenthal

More often than not these days, to make a major sale you have to make a group sales presentation — and compete against the other group presentations being made.  Here are some tips for making your presentation the winner.
Getting Started 

You’ve created a unique solution for the prospect.  Make it clear that it’s unique and not another dog and pony show by putting the prospect’s fingerprints all over the presentation:  Use the language it uses for its functions and processes, the terms used in its industry, and its logo and other company graphics.  Prospective customers are always concerned about how long it will take a supplier to get up to speed and whether there will be a culture fit. By speaking its language comfortably in the presentation you’ll help allay its concerns about both of these issues.

Building Your Team  
Learn the makeup of the team that will be hearing the presentation. You should have as many people there as the prospect has.  Match their functions as well: If their CEO, IT director or financial executive is there, your should be too.  Their specialized knowledge may be needed. Plan to have your proposed account executive lead the presentation.  Most team presentations are led by senior member of the team — but for a sales presentation it should be the person who will be the account executive. This will give that person an opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Organizing the Presentation Start the presentation by introducing the team members and briefly describing what they’ll cover.  Then show you understand the prospect’s goals by describing how you learned them.  Segue on to how and why the training solution you’re offering will meet those goals.  Then describe the particular advantages your company offers.  Never describe your company’s credentials before you talk about the prospect.

This Sham called Barcelona Fc

If beautiful football were all it takes to win trophies, then Arsenal should be the most crowned team in England but it is not. If an array of superstars could lift champions league then Manchester city Should be in the minimum a semi final team in the champions league, but it is not!

In the light of the upcoming Chesea Vs Barcelona’s Champions league seemi-final clash, I feel like making my screaming my hearts out on the varying dubious acts of Referees and Barcelona Fc .

Barcelona will Win!

Not necessarily because they are a better team, but because, they will be helped by Referees who have turned themselves into gods who cannot be queried!

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Who is better Ronaldo or Messi?

“When comparing the two players it is glaring that Ronaldo is a more complete player….”
Captain Dunga(former Brazillian National team captain in an interview on Superspotr)

It’s way past midnight in Nigeria and i just could not get my mind off the greatest individual brand rivalry the sporting world has ever seen. While it stinks to type with a touch screen, I have taken the pains to pour my hearts out once and for all on this subject matter.
There has been so much hype on Messi to the extent that some short sighted analyst have even dared to compare him to the living football god Pelle!


While i will like to take nothing away from Messi, (he is a good player when compared to most players) but i think it is a crime of the highest other to say Cristiano Ronaldo is lower in ranking!

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Move your Brand out of Obscurity in 3 months!

There are thousands, if not millions of websites that are beautifully designed and filled with products but they seldom get people to visit them. Eventually, the owners get disillusioned by such and either sells them or eventually get

Yes your website is beautiful, yes it catches the eye at first glance, Yes, it gives me all I need to know about you and your company!

However, like everyone and most company’s I have consulted with it is at best that!


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The Brand Called You

It’s a new brand world.

That cross-trainer you’re wearing — one look at the distinctive swoosh on the side tells everyone who’s got you branded. That coffee travel mug you’re carrying — ah, you’re a Starbucks woman! Your T-shirt with the distinctive Champion “C” on the sleeve, the blue jeans with the prominent Levi’s rivets, the watch with the hey-this-certifies-I-made-it icon on the face, your fountain pen with the maker’s symbol crafted into the end …

You’re branded, branded, branded, branded.

It’s time for me — and you — to take a lesson from the big brands, a lesson that’s true for anyone who’s interested in what it takes to stand out and prosper in the new world of work.

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